About Us

Art Beat opened its doors in November 2021, so we are new to the Nashville art scene and happy to find a home in the Gulch.

Art Beat is a gift shop & gallery owned by Jessie Rosenblum and Lizzie Stuhlreyer. Jessie is a Nashville native, and Lizzie has lived here long enough to call Nashville her home. She is a New Orleans girl at heart, and you can't blame her for that!

Art Beat is our second business. Our first business is still owned and operated by Lizzie and is an apparel and accessories line called Bee Attitudes, which you can find at Art Beat.

We opened Art Beat simply because it needs to be easy to support local art, and opening a store selling only local art and gifts is a new door where that can happen in Nashville. And just like the music scene in Nashville overflowing with talent, the same is true with visual arts.

Opening Art Beat comes from a genuine love of Nashville, the many local artists we admire, and the many more we will get to know. We hope to add our own BEAT to a well-established art community in Nashville. Welcome to our journey, and thanks for joining us along the way!